Solidifying My Career

Solidifying My Career

3 Tips To Help You Pass Your Electrician Exam

In order to become a licensed electrician with the ability to legally work with clients, you must first pass an examination proving that you were able to retain the information you learned during your training course and apprenticeship. The thought of failing this examination is daunting for many would-be electricians, but there are some simple […]

Tips for New CDL Drivers to Choose a Carrier

When you’re finishing up your CDL (commercial driver’s license) class and getting ready for the test, it’s time to start thinking about which carrier you want to work with. Of course, you can always choose to work independently, but if you’re interested in driving for a company, you need to choose the right carrier for […]

7 Facts Every Aspiring Barber Should Know

Barbers are making a comeback as more men choose to get their hair cut in classic styles. This is great news for soon-to-be barbers. While cosmetologists and beauty salons may still be holding on to the pedicure and manicure market, barbers are needed all around the world for men’s hair styling. Now seems like the perfect […]

Drop The Good Job: How To Praise Your Child & Build Their Self-Esteem At The Same Time

Everyone wants their children to have a good sense of self-esteem. It can be tempting to try to build your child’s sense of self-esteem by praising them and telling them that they are doing a good job regardless of the actually results or outcome. However, heaping complements may not be the best way to help […]